Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Wednesday 26 September 2018

Deutsche Uberraschung

Welcome to Hump of the Week.
The time is to hand the cake in,
So it can raise funds for a good cause...
 Breakfast first.
Gets the finished cake out of the fridge.
Puts it carefully into the cake box.
Now for drop off.
 Drops the cake off.
The teachers were well pleased with my effort.
*My entry for a European theme cake for Macmillian Fund Raising*↓↓↓
 Back home for some strong coffee and vitamin C
 Wow the sun has come out,
Big big sunglasses time!
 Some nice Disco tunes to get in the mood...
 Help, help I'm lost↑
 I showed off a good t-shirt.
It's getting very warm...\o/
 Enjoyed some fruit and nut....↑
I caught up on some :
 and rewatched
 I will find out tomorrow how much my cake raised and if I won the cake competition.
Jack brought back the empty cake boards.
He says everyone enjoyed eating my cake, and some went up for seconds!
I'm getting better at this baking lark! 

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