Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday 7 September 2018

Play, Repeat, Sing Even Louder

It's arrived.....:)
 Loads of it to spread about...
A good t-shirt to put on...↓
 A good CD arrived yesterday, that will be played in Sexy Beast on the way to Webbs.↓
 The sun is back out again \o/
 Time for those big big big sunglasses..
 CD on and playing..
 It's amazing how many good songs there are the CD....
I had to play a certain song, 3 times....↓↓
Now for my Webbs Experience.
Quick look around...
 Was £19.99 now down to £9.99↑
 I Put my jacket down on a table to get my drink.
Came back to the table,
A older couple moved my jacket off the table.
I put my tray down on the table and sat there.
They stopped talking and looked at me.
My friend arrived, and we moved tables.
 Nice view of the mirror.
Once we had a good chat and drink, we left.
I sat in the car park to enjoy a banana and a bottle of water...
 Now off to Job.
 It turned out to be quite warm.
Having a good sing-a-long in the Sexy Beast
 Popped in to see my dad.
My younger brother hasn't bothered to come around and pick up his Birthday Card.
Back home↓
 Then went to do job after coffee.
Some lovely red pattern in the sky later on.
 We had some nice Lidl burgers for tea,with plenty of onions.
We watched
 then today's episode of
 There is a forecast of band of rain tomorrow...
We were going to visit Droitwich....
Wet t-shirt time again? 

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