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Sunday, 6 October 2019

Playing My Air Guitar & Invisible Drums....

If it's good, they'll stop making it - Herbert Block
Welcome to my Sunday 🎈
Nice recharging of my batteries..
The sunshine is back..
 I enjoyed the cup of tea in bed.
We enjoyed a warm snuggle before we got out of 🛏
While enjoying a Gusto coffee...
I wrote out a small shopping list
Then out for a little ride...
 Lidl time!
 Gusto Time 🎈
 Enjoying a cold coffee↓
 While hubby put the shopping away,
I picked the remaining beans I grew in the back garden.
 My tomatos will need picking soon
The rhubarb!
Nice light lunch↓
 Ginger Baker from the Super group Cream has died aged 80 :(
 Gavin Sutherland of The Sunderland Brothers is 68 years old 🎈
 David Hidalgo from Los Lobos is 65 years old 🎈
Tim Burgess, Drummer with T'Pau (1986 - 1991) is 58 years old 🎈
 I finishes writing yesterday blog post.
Uniforms are ready to go.
It was hubby's turn to make tea...
There were so many flavours..
There was a party going on in my mouth!
I tried looking for the Ginger Baker documentary on Netflix.
Not on there, :(
Amazon video,
Rent £3.49 or Buy for £4.99.
Amazon make more than enough money off me...
Next stop...
"Beware Of Mr Baker"
 I was on my air guitar and my invisible drum kit while watching it!
Really great documentary.
Highly recommanded! 
All ready to mount that Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡 tomorrow!


Monday, 19 August 2019

Upgrading The Bedroom Manual

A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it - Jean de La Fontaine
Welcome to my Monday!
Back on the small wobbly work wheel 🎡
I enjoyed a hug and tea in bed!
 I gave hubby a big sloppy 💋 before he left the house.
I got dressed and out for a ride in Sexy Beast.

 It's getting warm↗↗↗
Some interesting Birthdays↓
 Billy J Kramer 76 years old 🎈
Ginger Baker, drummer of Cream is 80 years old 🎈
I see two of my jobs features in the I on Serving the Public...↓
Back home..
 Just misses out on getting wet.
Before I start painting.
Early lunch is needed↓
 I get changed..
Paint time!
I got the shelves and bathroom cabinet painted.
I gets changed to go to the happy place of work. 
I mentioned I was going to Self Defence tonight to a co-worker.
He looked at me.
I said."I tried a move on my hubby after I told him to grab me.
In future, he will only grab me in the dark in bed after that!"
I got laughter after I said that! 
I gets back to do a Meat Free Stir Fry ↓
 I get changed to go to my Self Defence Class.
On the way there, nearly had accident with a white BMW. Followed by a silver Range Rover pulling out in front of me. I used my hand on the horn for a good 3 minutes!
We were learning some new moves.
The Instructer said to me:
"Are you going to try these moves on your husband?"
I laughed, "Later on, I will add to our Fore-play!".
Two ladies over 55 years, started being a bit of prude,
"You can't say that!"
Oh dear....hehehehe
I gets back home early to do my final job of the day.
With some good music!
 I gets back to darkness and big black clouds↓

Hopped off the Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡
I watched one episode of Law and Order:
Now to try some moves on Hubby...


Friday, 26 July 2019

Welcome To Mum's Singing Party!

I believe in large families.Everyone should have at least three husbands - Zsa Zsa Gabor
At last it's arrived!🎈🎈🎈
The sun is coming up!
 Enjoying a cup of tea in bed↓
 I gave hubby a sloppy 💋 before he left the house.
Now to get up our kids.
We have to visit town for some bits!
 I had to nip to the man's cave again to pick up my paint order↓
 At least there was another woman in there!
Now off to town we go....
 The view from Car Park 4↑↑
My youngest son went off to get his haircut.
While in town, I met so many people to chat to!
One of co-worker who used to work with me at Fawlty towers, I bumped into in Barclays Bank.
Chatted with her for 10 minutes.
On the way to the market,
I chatted with one of the Labour Councillors.
While getting some food off the market,
I bumped into a friend who I haven't seen in 12 months.
Good chat for 6 months.
While my kids were choosing some food off the stall.
Some great tunes came on,
I just had to sing-a-long very loudly...
"Mum,it's not a singing contest!" One son said.
"No son, it's mum's singing party!" I laughed!
On the way back to the car, I bumped into another friend I used to work with.
We just missed out on paying £2.50 by five minutes in the car park.
 My son a pic of a nice car we when we were leaving the car park↓
 There was a nice song I just had to put on repeat on the way home...
Lots of tuts after the third time from my kids ;)
At least is not too hot↓
 Light lunch↓
 A read of the newspaper↓
 All the lovely stuff I bought from town↓
 My postman had to come back with my Bodyshop order, as he forgot the first time he gave us the post.
 I finally got paid, a day late \o/
Off to work I go.
 I came back to have a sucky↓
 My gerbils asleep↓
 Then we went out so my kids to do some boxing practice↓
 At least the temperature went down when we got back↓
 After tea,I was waiting for my younger brother to come round, as I bought a nice kitchen unit and I needed to pay him to pick it up for me...
He couldn't come round in the end.
I had left it too late to go and do my other job.
(That will be done over the weekend instead)
Now to drag a tired hubby to bed,
To enjoy some Friday Feeling 🎈🎈🎈