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Friday, 25 March 2022

Don't Forget the Sun Cream!

 If you play with anything long enough it will break 
- Murphy's Law
Welcome back to the Friday Feeling 🎈
Brew with breakfast.
I gave hubby a warm hug instead of a sloppy wet one.
I went back to sleep once everyone had gone to work and school.
Later on I got up.
Thermal vest went on.
Coffee machine went on.
All the bins got emptied.
Dish washer was loaded up and put on.
Now to enjoy some fresh air!
Now to put on the bread and soup makers↓
Now to get yesterday's blog wrote.
The loaf turned out nice!
I took another Covid Test.
Woo hoo Negative again :)
Now for some nice soup.
Then I carry on writing yesterday's blog.
Tea at 3.
I puts the tea in the oven ready.
Hubby comes home and has a warm hug.
Dishes up the tea.
We watched the remaining episode of series 3 of Amazing Hotels.
Shangri-La, London↓
We watched the Fame episode which was based on Wizard of Oz.
Looked in today's newpaper.
Johnny  Burnette  was an American singer and songwriter of rockabilly and pop music. In 1952, Johnny and his brother, Dorsey Burnette, and their mutual friend Paul Burlison formed the band that became known as the Rock and Roll Trio.
He would have 88 years old 🎈
 Sadly his career was cut short on August 14, 1964, when he was killed in a boat crash at age 30.
Dan Seals  was an American musician. The younger brother of Seals and Crofts member Jim Seals, he first gained fame as "England Dan", one half of the soft rock duo England Dan & John Ford Coley, who charted nine pop singles between 1976 and 1980, including the No. 2 Billboard Hot 100 hit "I'd Really Love to See You Tonight". 
He sadly died on this day in 2009 aged 61.
UK No.1 on this day in 1989:
Madonna - Like A Prayer. 
USA No.1 on this day in 1967:
The Turtles - Happy Together
USA No.1 on this day in 1972:
America - A Horse With No Name
USA No.1 on this day in 1989:
Mike & The Mechanics - The Living Years.
Sleep Tea Time.
Then we both fall asleep until 2am.....
Back to that warm bed we go.....




Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Now You See It!, Then You Don't!

 If at first you don't succeed,reload and try again - Scott Adams
Welcome to my Hump of the Week 🐫
Nice warm hug to start Hump Day 🐪
Breakfast with Brew.
Thermal vest
Winter leggings go on.
Now to uncover Sexy Beast
I gives hubby a wet sloppy 💋 before I leave.
It might be a sunny Hump Day!
The 2 winter hats and big big gloves still go on.
I puts on my lights.
Now let the fun start 🍭
It seems my lollipop stick has turned invisible to some drivers.
Especially them coming up the road!
I had 5 cars going straight under my stick.
BOING x 5!
At least the sun is out!
Finished in one piece!
I filled up Sexy Beast.
Picked up my newspaper and my neighbour's magazine on the way back home.
Coffee machine goes on.
Dishwasher gets emptied and loaded up.
The soup maker comes out.
Chop chop I go with the veggies.
On it goes...
Puts out all the saucepans I need for tonight's tea.
Now for some much needed Coffee.
I got a reply to the report I gave to the Police about what happened on Monday↓

"Thank you for your report, I am sorry to hear that you are being subjected to such a lack of respect whilst trying to keep young children safe crossing the road.
  I have requested that your local neighbourhood policing team engage with you and offer some visible support.
  I have also recorded the details of the car that chose to drive around you and requested they are spoken to about their reckless driving, if they are a local resident."
Let's hope the neighbourhood Police team do come out and observe what is happening,as nothing has been done in the past 2 years I have been doing this job!
Soup done, that's our lunch for tomorrow. 
I got on with writing yesterday's blog post up to lunchtime.
Now to finish off the soup from yesterday.
The sun disappered and we had clouds instead.
On goes the winter hats and gloves.
I puts on my lights.
Off for a little rabbit with my two friends before I start my afternoon shift.
I said goodbye to my friends.
Let the fun start!
Oh dear, I'm having the same trouble as this morning. My big stick has turned invisible again.
I counted 15 cars going under my stick or on the other side of the road, just driving through.
One 61 plate white Corsa was waiting in a side road for me to cross someone over. The kids just got over the road, as he sped past them!
At least I survived for another day!
Back home.
A much needed cup of brew before I start on the tea.
I made my own Pasta Sauce.
(Added a bit of Chilli for a kick)
The pasta was just done when hubby walked through the door.
He had a sloppy wet 💋.
Dished up tea.
Afterwards I looked into today's newspaper.
 Number #1 in the US Billboard R&B Chart in 1957:
Fats Domino - Blue Monday
The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset was released in 1967.
The fifth and final studio album by American folk rock duo Simon & Garfunkel, The Bridge over Troubled Water was released in 1970.
UK number 1 in 1973,
Sweet - Blockbuster.
The Dukes of Hazzard debuted on CBS today in 1979. The show aired a total of 147 episodes over seven seasons and aired its final episode in 1985.
I was telling the story of me meeting the actor John Challis (He played Boycie in Only Fools and Horses) on Twitter.
Amazing who you bump into at Waterstones!
Hubby has applied for another job, 
A working from home one.
Fingers crossed he gets it.
He won't miss the driving to work and driving back!
Sleep Tea time.
Hoping my big stick will not be so invisible tomorrow!












Thursday, 14 October 2021

Time To Hang The Red Knickers On The Street Lamp!

You have no idea how much it costs to look this cheap 
- Dolly Parton
Welcome to my Thursday 👀
Warm hug to start Thursday with.
Brew with breakfast.
It was still dark outside, no sign of rain yet \o/
Gives hubby a sloppy wet 💋 before I leave the house.
I still went the other way to work, thinking those traffic lights were still at the bottom of the road.
Still wearing my 4 layers under my Summer Coat.
I put on my lights.
Now for the fun to start..🍭
Some cars decided not to stop,
They were rewarded with the Boing!
Some drivers learnt to brake when necessary.
At least I finished in one piece!
While on the way to pick up the newspaper, some car undercut me on the roundabout.
He didn't get any quicker as I sat behind him until he turned off further up the road!
Picked up the newspaper, then back home.
I put on the coffee machine, and waited for my parcel from Fed- Ex to arrive.
Text message to say parcel had been delivered!!!
Looks outside, nothing here.
Gets in touch to the business who sent my parcel.
Be in touch in 5 days time!!!!
In the end, I googled the number of Fed-Ex and phoned up myself.
I explained, I am not a factory but a house.
They told me they would redeliver it...
(Funny DPD said the same, and didn't)
Time to hang the red knickers on the street lamp opposite my house!
I'm glad for that coffee now!
I wrote but didn't finish the blog post up to lunch.
I had some nice Chicken soup for lunch.
At least Amazon know where I am.
I got the latest Joan Collins book delivered!
Now out for part two.
Time for a change of CD.
On the way to work, when a gold VW Polo was coming out of a side road at speed. He has to slam the brakes on, or he would have gone in the side of me. I stared at him when I went past.
He had trouble trying to catch up with me.
(I was doing the speed of the road)
He must have a box in his car, that he has to do 30 m.p.h.
He tried to catch up with me, but I lost in when I go to work.
Only 3 layers under my summer coat.
Puts my lights on.
Now time for a bit of Rabbit with my 2 friends.
Said goodbye to my friends.
Now to start the afternoon shift.
Car drivers were being good this time.
I finished in one piece.
Now back home.
I finished writing my blog post.
The Duck crown was cooking nicely in the oven.
Someone texted me for a lift.
Not at the time, as there would be loads of traffic that side of town.
Walk or get a bus.
It looks like I will have to wait for 5 days for a response of order being mis-delivered from the business. If it doesn't get redelivered, I want a refund on Monday!
Gave hubby a sloppy wet 💋 when he got home.
Now to dish up the tea.
Hubby then and did two car loads of stuff from the storage unit.
We have until Saturday afternoon to empty it.
Once it was all put in the loft.
Quick read of today's newspaper.
Sir Roger  Moore KBE  was an English actor. He was the third actor to portray fictional British secret agent James Bond in the Eon Productions film series, playing the character in seven feature films between 1973 and 1985. Moore's seven appearances as Bond, from Live and Let Die to A View to a Kill, are the most of any actor in the Eon-produced entries.
On television, Moore played the lead role of Simon Templar, the title character in the British mystery thriller series The Saint (1962–1969). He also had roles in American series, including Beau Maverick on the Western Maverick (1960–1961), where he replaced James Garner as the lead, and a co-lead of the action-comedy The Persuaders! (1971–1972). Continuing to act on screen in the decades after his retirement from the Bond franchise, Moore's final appearance was in a pilot for a new Saint series that became a 2017 television film.
Moore was appointed a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 1991 and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2003 for services to charity. In 2007, he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contributions to the film industry. In 2008, the government of France made him a Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters. 
He would have been 94 years old 🎈
He sadly died aged 89 in 2017.
Sleep tea time.
The Friday Feeling 🎈 is back tomorrow \o/