Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday 1 September 2018

Wearing Flowers In My Hair....

Wow, Saturday is here...
Overslept until 7.30am... 
Just caught the last half an hour of "The Sound of the 60's"
A good CD arrived in the post..
We had breakfast.
Got the kids up, now for a little ride in the Sexy Beast. 
 We went to see the Jinney Ring Sculpture Trail....

 Hanbury Church on the hill.↑↑

 We get back home.
I write out my younger brother's Birthday Card.
Light lunch...
Now off for our afternoon tea for 2..
 Some of the wedding guests were trying to outstare me, as I had pink daisys in my hair..
However, I did get a lovely complement from one Wedding Guest, saying how lovely I look with the flowers in my hair :)
We leave after having a coffee.
We pick up some more School uniform on the way home.
I watered the garden.
Light tea.
Good film to watch on a Saturday Night.
Now to use my hands on a warm hubby...

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