Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Wednesday 12 September 2018

Calling Number 5!

Welcome to Hump of the Week...
(Now the week is getting better!) 
Today's t-shirt is.....
 I have to go early to Bromsgrove, to have my three monthly Blood Test....
 I'm number 5 in the queue.
 I had missed out on the first 20 minutes free.
(In the car park)
I was asked, "When do you celebrate your birthday when it's not leap year?" 
"28th February.." I replied 
"Not March 1st?"She asked 
" No. March Pisces are too moody, I went out with once, moods changed like the weather." She replied." I'm March Pisces & moody"
It cost me £2.50 to get out of the hospital car park... 
 Dropped off a perscription.
Did a bit of shopping at Morrisons.
Back home for a quick sandwich.
Now for sing-a-long....↓↓
The views...↓↓
 Loads of sunshine.
More singing going home....
Gets back home, just in time to watch..
Now for chop chop...
Pork Meatballs with Linguine
 Looking forward to another Webbs Experience tomorrow \o/

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