Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday 13 September 2018

Up Early Watching The Sunrise!

Welcome to Thursday.
I picked the short straw to get some milk...
 It was cold!
 Back with the milk..
Now for tea!

 Nice t-shirt for today...

I am leaving early to have a Webbs Experience...
 Lots of traffic...
 Still got to B3↓
 Had a look around..
Now for chat and hot chocolate!
When my friend left early, I sit in the car park to have a banana...
Then to look at some wonderful views...
 The rain kept off...
Blue skies when I got home..
 Fruit & Nut with Coffee
While watching↓
Later on, Youngest son and me visit my neighbour in hospital.

He was so glad to see us.
He is heading to Coventry Hospital for  the weekend...
It was nice to see the nurses on my old ward
(Which I stoppped in last November)
Off to bed early,
All ready for the upcoming Friday Feeling! 

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