Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday 17 September 2018

Order Order!!

Welcome to Monday.
Time to shake out the cobwebs...
 Breakfast in Bed 
Lovely :)
I had some housework to get on with.
I wondered what t-shirt to wear....
 Followed by a well deserved coffee..
 I hope the sun comes out at some point.
 Nice view from the way to the doctors
 The sun had come out at last.
Getting quite warm.
On the way home,
Had a Sing-a-long with Andy
 Has a nice lolly...
 For tea, we have eggs, black pudding, beans and toast.
Now to attend a meeting...
Nice shopping Trolley ↑↑
 The meeting is at the Town Hall
I am sat at the back with the Public.
The Tory Councillors sit on the left hand side, while the Labour councillors are sat on the right hand side.
The Labour Councillors chatted to me before the meeting started.
One Tory Councillor chatted to me also.
 It's going to be a long night....↑
Free coffee and water.
Found like I was watching "Question Time".
Lots of arguing.....
I had to leave at 8.45pm, as I had a cleaning job to do.
Once my cleaning job was finished, I crashed out on the bed.....
Too much Monday Motivation does me no good ;) 


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