Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday 2 September 2018

Happy 4th Anniversary!

Welcome to the 4th Anniversary of this blog...
Little did I know back in 2014 how many people liked reading about what I get up to😉

Hubby was up early to have his hair chopped back, and kids to have their hair styled ready for school...
I enjoyed some tea in bed..
 I got up and enjoyed coffee and kiwi fruit..
 My little brother hadn't come to pick up his card and present.↓↓
 While I went to do Job,
hubby came back and mowed the lawn. \o/
 I meanwhile put name tags in all my youngest son's school uniform and PE kit.
At least he won't forget his name!
 I'm in the need for some  fresh air.
I visited some Dunelm to get some bits...
 Nice duvet cover :)
We got back and the bush needed chopping back again↓↓↓
 New dog that we won't have to feed or walk 🐶
 New peg bag↑
 Pineapples anyone???
 It was nice to sit out in the garden...
My brother finally came round at 8pm to pick up his card and present.
He looked at his cup, and it said:
"Sometimes a pain in the arse"
"That's nice, I'm not that bad am I?" He asked.
"I'm not going to answer that, 
As I know the answer, and you do...!" I laughed. 
After we caught up with "Dragon's Den" on catch up...
We crashed on the bed....
Busy Monday ahead....
Need for Zzzzzzzzz is so underwhelming 

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