Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday 18 September 2018

Oh, The Fun I Have!

Welcome to my Tuesday Fun 
We had a lovely breakfast to start the day.
💋💋💋 everyone when they all left.
The Superman T-shirt had to be worn today
I had some serious housework to do.
Even had a cheeky coffee before I left the house.

Nice sunny weather for a September..
I waited in Hanbury Hall car park before I started work..
 Looking for miles and miles
 I had a nice sing-a-long on the way home.
*Due to me living on Industrial Estate.
Oh the fun I have trying to get on my drive.
People don't realise I do move off my drive now and again
 People like to block my drive with a Lorries.
Even though they can reverse the lorry into the grounds of their factory unit....
So I had to wait to get on my drive.*
The Fork Lift looked like it was over loaded...

 Nice to get back on the drive
 Lorry back blocking the drive!!
 Now to enjoy some Lemsip with some fruit,nut, honey in yogurt!
 I  made a lovely tea.
Leeks wrapped in ham in cheese sauce.
 Let's hope it will be a dry hump 🐪
Not a wet one 🐫 


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