Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday 11 September 2018

Always Be Yourself!

Welcome to my Tuesday...
Got a Webbs Experience to look forward to later on....
But first to enjoy Tea! 
 with added nibbles....
The T-Shirt today is:
 Where has the sun gone????
 At least it's not too cold...
 Waiting for Webbs to open....
 Still got to be B3
 Nice chat over toast.
 Nice views before work :)

 At least it was just cloudy.
Gets home to pack my goodies I bought from Hobbycraft.
 That's the Christmas cards sorted!
Goes to job.
Had a nasty experience of the smell of White Spirit in the toilets. The top was left off, and when I walked in, it nearly blew my head off!
Opened the window to let the fumes out! 
 Gets back home ...
Time for chop chop...
Steak with Stir Fry....
(Forgot to take a pic!)
We watched GBBO
Then to bed hoping for a dry Hump tomorrow!  

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