Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday 16 September 2018

Nice Smell Of Strawberry....

At last it's Sunday.
The bed smells nice of 🍓
We have a lovely cup of tea in bed.
Then breakfast....
 After writing out the small shopping list.
Out we go..
 While I'm in the car park...
 I was singing along with Michael Ball & "Love Changes Everything", I had some funny looks from people in the car park... 
Don't hold back..... Sing louder & be proud!
 We did our small shop in Lidl.
Now onto:
Free coffee time..↓
Read and drink time!
There is a free book offer in The Sunday Times. We go to Tesco to get the free book..
 The free book↓
We gets home to unpack the shopping.
Nice trainers.
(Pity they don't have my size and they cost £1,060)
Then I found some lovely ideas for my kitchen....↓↓
I made sure our kids have done their homework all ready for a new school week.
To finish off our Sunday Evening with a bit of 
Dragon's Den. 🐉
 More Strawberry rub to be used again🍓



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