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Sunday 16 September 2018

Nice Smell Of Strawberry....

At last it's Sunday.
The bed smells nice of 🍓
We have a lovely cup of tea in bed.
Then breakfast....
 After writing out the small shopping list.
Out we go..
 While I'm in the car park...
 I was singing along with Michael Ball & "Love Changes Everything", I had some funny looks from people in the car park... 
Don't hold back..... Sing louder & be proud!
 We did our small shop in Lidl.
Now onto:
Free coffee time..↓
Read and drink time!
There is a free book offer in The Sunday Times. We go to Tesco to get the free book..
 The free book↓
We gets home to unpack the shopping.
Nice trainers.
(Pity they don't have my size and they cost £1,060)
Then I found some lovely ideas for my kitchen....↓↓
I made sure our kids have done their homework all ready for a new school week.
To finish off our Sunday Evening with a bit of 
Dragon's Den. 🐉
 More Strawberry rub to be used again🍓



Sunday 6 August 2017

Finally Putting The Feather Duster Away!

It was time for the big clean up!
 First up was the kitchen.
Two of the plastic clips holding up the shelf in one of kitchen cupboards..
Broke off..
Everything fell off the shelf, 
Something had to break...↓
 Went off to two DIY stores to get more clips..
Didn't have the right ones...:(
Roll on Google...
Found somewhere 10 minutes away..\o/
Pick up tomorrow...
Kitchen tidied.
Dining Room tidied.
Living Room tidied.
Now planning what to do with my children tomorrow...🖌