Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday 6 September 2018

I Can See For Miles & Miles..

Welcome to my Thursday...
 A bit earlier for a cupcake↑↑↑
Once everyone left the house.
I went outside for some fresh air...↓
 Tidied up the house...
 Coffee, banana and catch up of newspapers
Is it going to rain??? 
 The farmer busy cutting down the hedges..
 The path to the Jinney Ring is clear
 All the crops have been harvested
 The tractor in the distance...
 It was threating to rain during the dinner time.
Gets back to Sexy Beast, and it pours down all the way home..
 Now to do some chop chop before my kids come home from school.
Chicken Tart with Red Pesto with Asparagus.
 Went to other Job
Made some men laugh....:)
Back home to dish up tea...
Had a lovely massage from hubby...
Then I did likewise with my warm hands ;)


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