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Saturday 28 September 2019

Look Who It Is....It's Saturday!

If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it - J.P Morgan
The weekend is here \o/
I woke up and saw the sun coming up↗↗
 I caught the last hour of "The Sounds of the 60s", while enjoying a cup of tea in my warm bed!
  Once we had breakfast.
Kids were woken up, as they had boxing club to go to. 
My dad failed to tell us on Friday that he had run out of some of his tablets. As his doctors were not open today, we had to phone 111 to get a urgent perscription for this tablets!
 Hubby took kids to boxing and pick up his perscription.
I meanwhile played with the saw!
 Then coffee with nibble
Quick read of a nice magazine that came yesterday↓
Nice items, nice prices!
Hubby and kids come back.
My dad failed to tell my hubby last night and this morning to get his newspaper.
So we will have to go out again!
In the meantime we listened to 
"Pick of the Pops" on Radio 2.
The first year we listened to was: 1986
I knew most of the songs in the chart,
Word for word...
(As I used to listen and collect the 7 inch vinyl singles in that year)
Here are a selection of some of the songs in the chart:
The Number 1 is:
The next year was 1993.
Here are some of the hits from that week:
 The number 2:was Pet Shop Boys - Go West↓
Number 1 was:
Boom!Shake The Room by DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince 
Now out for a little ride↓
 Visiting Sainsburys↓
 The Method Surface Cleaner is down from £3 to £2
Popped into the cafe for a quick coffee:
 Gets back to put the Gammon Joint in the oven.
Once done, we used up the rest of last night's Shepherd's Pie.
Looking at the Birthdays....
It's Helen Shapiro's 73rd Birthday 🎈
(One of my favourite songs of hers is at the end of this blog)
Jim Diamond would have been 68 years old🎈 
 He sadly died aged 64 in 2015.
We caught up with last week's:
 Catches up with the Review of tomorrow's newspapers.
Now for snuggles and more.....