Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday 17 September 2019

Blue Sky Feeling!

If you like being a teenager,there's something really wrong with you!
- Stephen King
Hey hey hey, the sun is back!🌞
 I felt even better after a hug and a cup of tea!
 Everyone else felt better after having their morning 💋 off me :)
Once the dishwasher and washing machine was all put on...
Coffee & nibble time↓
 After washing was put on the line.
It was time to have the blue sky feeling↓
 The big big sunglasses had to come out..
 It wasn't that warm just to wear a t-shirt.
 I went to fetch my newspaper.
 I was glad that trailer was clamped↑
Plenty of singing along with so much good music...
 Finally got to work.
Quick glance at the newspaper↓
 Interesting answering↓↓
 Blue with clouds skies!!
 I had a nice beetrooty coloured face when I left work.
 More singing needs to be done!
It's getting warm!
 While I chill in between jobs...
I catch up with series 9 of 
Then off the happy place of work
 When I came back,
Put the evening meal in the oven.
I watched some more of:
Tea was served!
Pork Belly Slices with Vegetables
 Back out to work with some great songs to listen and sing along to.
 Catches up with the British Bake Off.
Then its to get my warm fingers ready for bed time ;)


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