Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday 21 September 2019

I'm Sticking With it Thanks!

Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't - Erica Jong
Welcome to my weekend 🎈
 Woo hoo the sun is back :)
I caught the last half an hour of "Sound of the 60s".
 Enjoyed my tea and hug in bed:)
We had to be up town early....
No lie-in for our kids \o/
Up and out...
 We parked in Car Park 4
 Looking down↓
 I had to sort out my mobile phone contract...
 "Did I want to upgrade my phone?"
"No," I replied.
If I went on my hubby's account, it will be £4 cheaper. The only downside to it, was I would have to change my number.....!
*The same number I have had for nearly 21 years!...*
My answer was no to that as well.
They tried to give us a tablet for £13 a month.
I declined that offer, as I am trying to get my bill down not up↗↗↗↗
After wishing I had not bothered.
(It didn't feel like I got any savings at all!)
I now have 3 mobile accounts on my account including mine!
I took in 5 empty tubs into Body Shop and got a £5 voucher to spend online  \o/
We got a coffee to go and head home to drink it!
 While hubby took our kids to their boxing class.
I had to blog posts to write...
With the help of some great Rock and Roll music...
Light Lunch↓
 I got loads of ideas for the cake I am making next month.
My kids were going to enter the Eurovision Cake Bake at school this week.
(I won it last year)
However, no sign of any baking coming from my kitchen!
Now for a ride in Sexy Beast.
 It's getting warmer↗↗↗
 Going to check the tyres
 It was well warm....
When we got back.
I didn't fancy cooking....
Nice to have a treat once a month↓
 We carried on watching series 10 of:
It doesn't help the Sky box cuts off the episode before it finishes :(
I had to drag a tired hubby off to the bedroom......
Now to burn off that pizza! 


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