Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday, 14 November 2016

That's A Really Good Name!!

After experiencing the Monday chaos from the 1st part of Job 1
I dropped my homemade card to my 80+ year old friend for his Birthday.
Then on to my coffee date at Asda.
Even before I got in there, one man fell over the speed hump outside.
When he got up, I asked if he was alright.He nodded.
I said to him:
"Good job that wasn't me that fell over, as I would have caused a big enough crater that you could see from the moon!"
Later on I was introduced to a new staff member at one of my other jobs.
I liked him name that much, it will be added in the new book. 
I did say to him, the character won't be talking much just using his hands alot.
One of my kids said to that:
"Will he be using sign language then?"
"Something like that...." I laughed. 


  1. did the man that fall laugh though? i'm a bit curious.

  2. He did laugh, before getting into his car.