Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Thank You Come Again

Welcome to Terrible Tuesday.
Bedlam & Chaos ensured on Job 1
I told a reoffending parent 
(who always parks on the zig zags lines)
That he can't park on these lines.
His gums started banging together....
I walked back to my spot.
He drew up against me and shouted.
"Is this better!"
I replied, "Thank you, come Again".
Second shift of Job 1 wasn't much better.
A car pulled out of the club opposite
While I was walking across the road.
I had to perform the Time Warp.
To avoid being mowed down along with a parent and four children!
On a more brighter note:
I have won free tickets to the BBC Good Food at the NEC .
(I had fun at last year's event here's was happened:


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