Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Quick Exit

I still got up early ...on a Saturday 😱
Caught up with this blog...
Time to wear some red...
Once ex-plum had collected his children,
We were outta here...
Now off for some lunch...
 ↑Cheese Ploughmans with coffee...↑
Nice idea....
(£28.50 each)
Hanbury Church in the distance..↑
Now to look around the pond at the Jinney Ring 
 Losing our heads!↑
 Now to do a bit of walking....
 In the second field, there was cows and bulls....
Me wearing a red outfit and matching hat...
Not a good idea to entertain a bull!
(It reminds me of the scene from Carry on Camping, when Terry Scott and Betty Marsden was camping in a field with cows. Terry Scott eyes a bull while using a red napkin....)
Back through the first field, avoiding the poo...↓

The gate seems to have a padlock on it...↓
Oh look it opens!↓

Some ready made Dens....↑↓
A nice walk to do....↑
"No wheels on my wagon.... ↑↑"

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