Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday, 19 July 2018

King Of The Prom

Welcome to my Thursday..
Not long to go...
The sun is still shining....\o/ 
 2 days left in job↓
 Tells one parent off for parking on the Zig Zags.
Finished in one piece.
Gets home to play with cheese and pineapple, to take in for a meal for everyone.
Gets another perscription...
 Now at Job 2.
Eats my meal in silence with everyone.
There wasn't any cheese and pineapple left for me when I got in.
Even the potato vanished.
 Back to the Lollipop in high temperatures..
 I had to ask the van driver to move off the Zig Zag lines...
While I was waiting to start.Hubby was in the school for the Year 8's awards.
Jack won the Maths Award.
(His brother won it last year)
 I told yet another parent to not park on the Zig Zags.
Finished in one piece. 
I did Job 3. 
Jack got ready to go to his Year 8 prom.
He was given a lift in a lovely classic car by my neightbour's son.
 Picked him up two hours later.
He really enjoyed himself.
Another parent parked on the Zig Zags.
We couldn't even to cross to see what was coming to cross the road!
 Jack won himself another award.
 All ready for the final day at work.....
Lots of Friday Feeling to enjoy... 

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