Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday, 16 July 2018

Nice & Wet

Welcome to the sweaty wobbly work wheel..
 Nice cup of tea to start off Monday the right way...:)
 Twinkle and Tinsel our gerbils...
 Time for lollypop to come out for the final week...
 Five days left!!!🎈
 It was so quiet for a Monday.
One car didn't stop, and their windscreen nearly had a lolly through it.
Made it one piece for the morning shift.
 The temperature is starting to go up ↗↗↗
 Sweaty Monday time
 Sang a long with some great 60's on the way home...
 Sweaty time in the lollipop coat...↓
 My face is like a overripe tomato 🍅
 Does the tea.
Comes back from Job 3
 Dark clouds overhead....
Some much needed rain I hope...
I too need to nice and wet!
It's shower time!!! 

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