Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday, 23 July 2018

Stripping Off The Layers!

Welcome to a sweaty Monday...
The heatwave is still here 😎
Some sad news I found out on Twitter.
Peter Blake had died.
I remember him from playing Kirk St Moritz,in a funny series called "Dear John" back in the 1980's. 
 Highly recommended series to watch.
 Up far too early for Monday especially in the school holidays!!
While I tidy the kitchen,
A good song from the 1990's comes on the radio...
I sing along to it word for word,and play
 my air guitar..
I enjoy the shade..
 Coffee time....↑↑↑
Off to the lake for some fresh air..
 The temperature is still going up and too hot even to sit in the shade.
Time to feed some birds...
 We didn't nip into Dunelm, but to next door.
 We dropped into the Salvation Army Charity Shop.
 Pity they were too small...:(↑↑
 Back home with some bargains.
 New handbag £2↑↑
I did Job 3
I came back with a red face like a overcooked tomato 🍅
Does tea.
Now off in the Sexy Beast. 
 Redditch Town Hall
 After 23 minutes the full council meeting was over....
Now off to the Pub to chat with some Labour supporters...
 Nice glass of cold water...
 Still too warm, when I get home.
It's still light...
Now for some light bedtime reading...


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