Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Counting Down The Days

 Welcome to my dry Hump of the Week.
Nice coffee to start the day off..↓
 Another sunny day ahead.
 Three days left as Lollipop lady :(
 A few cars didn't want to stop.
Told one parent for parking on the zig zags.
I survived this shift!
 Back to school to see my youngest collect his  JASS Bronze Award.
 It just finishes in time for me to get to my Job 2
 I have a fun dinnertime.
 Back home for a quick cup of coffee.
Now to finish the last shift of  the day in brilliant sunshine...
 I tell two parents off for parking on the zig zags.
I finish in one piece.
 *↑↑↑↑The car taking my son to the school prom tomorrow night↑↑↑*
 I have a lovely card from Yr 3 for looking after them at Dinnertime.
The badges my son has worked hard to earn this school term. :)
Two days left at school......
(woo hoo) 

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