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Wednesday 18 July 2018

Counting Down The Days

 Welcome to my dry Hump of the Week.
Nice coffee to start the day off..↓
 Another sunny day ahead.
 Three days left as Lollipop lady :(
 A few cars didn't want to stop.
Told one parent for parking on the zig zags.
I survived this shift!
 Back to school to see my youngest collect his  JASS Bronze Award.
 It just finishes in time for me to get to my Job 2
 I have a fun dinnertime.
 Back home for a quick cup of coffee.
Now to finish the last shift of  the day in brilliant sunshine...
 I tell two parents off for parking on the zig zags.
I finish in one piece.
 *↑↑↑↑The car taking my son to the school prom tomorrow night↑↑↑*
 I have a lovely card from Yr 3 for looking after them at Dinnertime.
The badges my son has worked hard to earn this school term. :)
Two days left at school......
(woo hoo) 

Thursday 20 July 2017

Getting Rewarded...

The rain was back,
Got soaked during the morning part of Job 1.
By dinnertime the sun was out \o/
I got a nice present from Job 2.
Jack got a lovely card & £10 voucher for helping out at Breakfast Club at school.
I meanwhile bought a funny Birthday card for someone's Birthday next month....
 Last day of work tomorrow for six weeks...
Better set the alarm clock for the last time...