Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday, 15 July 2018

I Am The First One For The Chop!

I was up too early for a Sunday
Nice sunrise ↗↗↗
 The cup of tea in bed was nice
 Hubby had been up a lot earlier.
He was selling the family silver on the local car boot..↓↓
I  queued up early...
I was the first for the chop!
I had a lot of weight lifted off my shoulders now!↓↓
 Back home.
 *Enjoying the sunshine*
Started bidding on yet more suits for my son's School Prom.
(Which is on this week!!!)
Hubby raised £30 for the pot.
Time to clean out the gerbils....
One Hamster and 2 gerbils got cleaned out.
Still being outbid on the suits!!!!
I Need A Suit...!
 ↑↑(Might get one of these at this rate!)↑↑
After two hours, I finally won a suit....\o/
Parents are going overboard with the cars to transport their kids to the prom....
My luxury car called the "Sexy Beast" will be taking him.... 
 It is the final week of school ....
I will find out if my 🍭 job will return in September or be axed on Friday. 
Back on the wobbly sweaty work wheel tomorrow 

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