Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday, 13 July 2018

Banging Of The Gums Starts Again...

Welcome to Friday 13th....
Trying not to think about the bad luck day.
I left 2 jobs in the past on Friday 13th...
Fingers crossed I keep my 🍭 job in September...
Gave hubby a big 💋 & hug
 Sexy Beast looking after the lolly pop
 Still cloudy
 Waiting to start..
A week to go until the kids break up for their 6 week school holiday.
Finishes in one piece.
 Visits St Andrew's Church↓
 To chat with my MP over trying to save my lollipop job from being axed.
Now off to Job 2
 Chaos parking due to Sport's Day.
 Had a good Lunch time...
 Pops into see my dad.
Now to do the final shift of the day.
  The fun I had.🍭🍭
One parent said to me last week.
"So glad you are back, parents were parking on the zig zags all the time, etc etc."
I looked over, and a black BMW was parked on the zig zags.
I went over to tell the driver to move, and she was stood there waiting to get inside the BMW.
I said to her.
"You can't park on zig zags love..."
Her gums started to bang together..
I carried on with my job. 
Finished in one piece.

 No wonder my face looks like a overripe tomato...🍅↑↑
 I finished Job 3.
Face was now looking like a beetroot!
At last the rain is coming.... 
 It watered the garden...
Now to enjoy the Friday Feeling...
with a good good film...

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