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Sunday 27 August 2023

A Bit Breezy.....

Stardom? I never touch the stuff - John Lithgow
Welcome to my windy Sunday in Blackpool 🌀
Time for the rain coats today!
We got dressed.
Downstairs for a lovely breakfast.
Afterwards, we put on the rain coats and grabbed the trolley. Out to grab the tram.
Off to visit the Disco Ball...
It was very windy on the front.
Time for a coffee....
Now to get the tram to Fleetwood.
On the tram we go, to Fleetwood....
Adding sandbags on the island at Gynn Square.
We gets off at Fleetwood Ferry.
(End of the line)
Time for something to eat....
Now to get the tram to Cleveleys,
Charity Shop looking again.
Back on the tram with our bargains.
The island at Gynn Square looks nice now↓
Back to the hotel to unload our bargains.
Cup of tea time.
We had a light tea.
Then started to pack the bags for the return trip back home tomorrow.
Once the bags were packed.
We chilled out for the last night in Blackpool.
Now to make full use of that lovely bed for the last time!
Night all x

Sunday 21 May 2023

Sunny Sunday!

It was such a lovely day that it seemed a pity to get up 
- Somerset Maugham
Welcome to a lovely sunny Sunday 😎
Nice bit of Adult time before
Breakfast and Brew... 
Summer dress goes on.
Now for a nice ride in Sexy Beast.
We goes to check the tyre pressures.
A big queue had formed.
The white car had a flat tyre, and it was taking the machine a long time to pump it up!
Once the black car had moved,
it was my turn!
Then onto see my parents for a chat in the sunshine.
I had a chat with someone whose husband I used to work with and they knew my dad.
She enjoyed her four days in Rome.
On the first day in Rome, her friend fell over on the pavement and received a nice black eye!
She got to see all the things she wanted.
Nice to have a catch up!
I had a chat with my parents for a bit and then back home we went!
Picked up the shopping list.
Back out we go...
We did the Lidl shopping.
Now for a much needed cold coffee...↓
Back home to unpack the shopping.
Passed on liquid lunch.
I had some rolls for once!
Then I had to write 6 blog posts.
Publish them.
I had a nice long shower afterwards.
Nice easy tea.
Heardle Time.
Heardle 50s:
Heardle 60s:
My answers:
Sleep Tea Time.
Back on the Wobbly Work Wheel tomorrow 🎡





Tuesday 4 April 2023

Good News About Our House!

Start off every day with a smile and get it over with - W.C.Fields
Welcome to my Good News Tuesday.
Hubby still was at work this week.
Breakfast and Brew.
I gave hubby a sloppy wet one 💋 before he went to work.
I went back to sleep for an hour!
Then it was time to rise.
Still wore the thermal vest.
Coffee time.
I heard from the garage on how much the bill was for Sexy Beast.
I will be taking it somewhere else next year.
I can't pick Sexy Beast up tonight as hubby has to see his Doctor about his bad cough which won't go away!
I got on catching up with the blog posts up to lunch.
Liquid lunch time.
I wrote another blog post.
Outside for some vitamin D.
My Housing Officer phoned to tell me:
"The Council is not selling the land now,
They are doing up next door neighbour's house."
I said,"I know already."
"Really, who told you?"
I told him, he sounded surprised!
So I will look forward to new neighbours!
Goes back in to start on the tea.
Nice to see the sun today \o/
Hubby comes back from seeing the Doctors.
He has a sloppy wet one 💋
They didn't give him anything and the cough will soon go on its own!
Tea is served.
Salmon Wellington.
Looks into today's newspaper:
US No.1 on this day in 1964:
The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love 
Heardle Time.
Heardle 50s:
Heardle 60s:
My answers:
Sleep Tea Time.
Let's hope for a sunny Hump tomorrow 🐫