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Monday 1 February 2021

Right House, But Wrong Name!

Dwelling on the negative simply contributes to its power - Shirley MacLaine
Welcome to February πŸ‘…
Warm hug with a brew.
I got the kids up to do their on-line learning.
I gave hubby a sloppy wet πŸ’‹ before he went out to work.
I meanwhile made full use of that warm king-size for a bit longer πŸ›
I got up by the time I had a text message from hubby to say he got in to work.
Now out for a little ride.
Still cold.
Gets newspaper.
Check on my late dad's car park situation.
Back home.
I have 2 blog posts to write.
First I have the Valentine's things arrive from Amazon↓
Then my Works order arrived↓
Done the blogs.
Even done some great Disco tunes on my Twitter.
Then I had a knock at the door.
A salesman wearing a blue face mask asking for the previous occupant.
I said,"He doesn't live here no more, as I have been here for nearly 12 years."
He tried using the phone number the previous occupant had given him, but my phone didn't ring.
My thoughts were the previous occupant didn't fancy the fancy armchair this company was selling him, and decided to give them his old address. However he did put his right mobile number to them, which his daughter answered and gave them his right address.
The Salesman then left to go to the right address!
Belated lunch.
One of the books I ordered for my neighbour had arrived and I went round to give it to him.
Oh dear....
He was not happy with the shopping my younger son had been getting him......
Then he wasn't happy with the car he has given my younger son, that he hasn't cleaned it up.😢😢
The weather has been against us which hasn't helped.
Plus the battery needs charging up!
I comes back home in need of a brew after that.
I need a funny film to watch...
Here goes:
Hubby comes home with a nice sloppy πŸ’‹
 Nice meat-free Stir Fry.
Quick look into today's newspaper:
Don Everly,  American singer and half of the rock and roll duo "The Everly Brothers" 
is 84 years old 🎈 
Now to carry on watching
 Season 2 of Narcos.
Moving onto
Season 3.
Sleep Tea time.
We watched up to episode 3.
No bingewatching into the early hours for us........


Saturday 30 January 2021

Being A Bit Of A Night Owl!

Be not slow to visit the sick - Ecclesiastes
Welcome to my SaturdayπŸ‘±
Nice bit of a lie-in, which was nice ;)
Nice cup of brew with hug to follow.
As there was snow showers, we decided to get the newspaper before it started to settle.
Gets the newspaper, and back home in under 10 minutes.
Quick coffee 
Read of the newspaper.
Phil Collins  is an English drummer, singer, songwriter, and record producer, best known as the drummer/singer of the rock band Genesis and for his solo career. Between 1982 and 1990, Collins scored three UK and seven US number-one singles in his solo career. When his work with Genesis, his work with other artists, as well as his solo career is totalled, he had more US Top 40 singles than any other artist during the 1980s. His most successful singles from the period include "In the Air Tonight", "Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)", "One More Night", "Sussudio", "Take Me Home", "Two Hearts", "A Groovy Kind of Love" (featured in the film Buster), "I Wish It Would Rain Down", and "Another Day in Paradise". 
He is 70 years old 🎈
While I wrote yesterday's blog post,
Hubby had a quick play with Henry.
Kids hoovered their own bedrooms.
Followed by another episode of Narcos.
Done more tidying of the house.
Tea was put in the oven.
Now for a very quick ten minutes of 
Top of the Pops from 1990.
 Onto the next episode:
Oh dear Elton John has gone down to number 2!
That was a quick use of the remote control to fast forward some of it!
Tea time.
Fish dinner with onion rings.
We finished Season one of Narcos.
Moving onto Season 2. 
Sleep Tea time.
I looked at the time it was coming up to 1.30am...
It was great to have a late night which didn't include alcohol!
(No hangover for me tomorrow!)


Friday 29 January 2021

Nearly 12 Months On....

Don't be sweet, lest you be eaten up; don't be bitter, lest you be spewed out - Jewish Proverb
Welcome back to the Friday Feeling πŸ’“
Cup of brew with hug.
Hubby was working from home today.
Gets kids up ready for their on-line learning.
I went out to get some fresh air, and get the newspaper.
I got the newspaper.
My late dad's drive still is being used as a car park by my younger brother.
It will be 12 months next Friday when my lovely dad passed away :(
Gets back home for a much needed coffee.
Quick read of the newspaper:
Mark Wynter  is an English actor and former singer, who had four Top 20 singles in the 1960s, including "Venus in Blue Jeans" and "Go Away Little Girl". He enjoyed a lengthy career from 1960 to 1968 as a pop singer and teen idol, but developed later into an actor in film, musicals and plays. 
He is 78 years old 🎈
Tom  Selleck is an American actor and film producer who has starred in a number of television series and films.
His breakout role was playing private investigator Thomas Magnum in the television series Magnum, P.I. (1980–1988). Since 2010, Selleck has co-starred as New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan in the series Blue Bloods, and the show has been renewed for its eleventh season in 2020–2021. Beginning in 2005, he has portrayed troubled small-town police chief Jesse Stone in nine made-for-TV movies based on the Robert B. Parker novels. 
He is 76 years old 🎈
Roddy Frame  is a Scottish singer-songwriter and musician. He was the founder of the 1980s new wave band Aztec Camera, and has undertaken a solo career since the dissolution of the band. In November 2013, journalist Brian Donaldson described Frame as: "Aztec Camera wunderkind-turned-elder statesman of intelligent, melodic, wistful Scotpop."
Since the end of the Aztec Camera project, Frame has released four solo albums, the last of which is the 2014 album Seven Dials.
He is 57 years old 🎈 
Adam  Lambert  is an American singer, songwriter and actor. Since 2009, he has sold over 3 million albums and 5 million singles worldwide.
 Alongside his solo career, Lambert has collaborated with rock band Queen as lead vocalist for Queen + Adam Lambert since 2011, including several worldwide tours from 2014 to 2020. Their first album, Live Around the World, released in October, 2020, and debuted at number one on the UK's Official Albums Chart.
He is 39 years old 🎈 
Hilton Valentine was an English musician, who was the original guitarist in the Animals.He died on this day in 2021 aged 77.
Started to write yesterday's blog post.
Then I carried on writing the blog.
I put my juke box on my Twitter.
Once hubby went food shopping.
Let's see what I can watch...
Tea at 3.
Then to rewatch...
I watched it 3 years ago.....
Rewatch time! 
Hubby comes back.
Pizza time.
We got up to episode 5.
Now to enjoy more Friday Feeling🎈