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Tuesday, 1 February 2022

I Really Need Some Stoppit Spray!

 If you are bored with your present enemies and want to make some new ones, tell two of your women friends that they look alike - Mignon McLaughlin
Welcome to my Tuesday πŸ’ͺ
I have a nice warm hug to start Tuesday with.
Brew with breakfast.
The thermal vest goes on.
It's going to go up to  13c later...
(A few layers will have to be removed I think!)
No covering up of Sexy Beast last night. 
Onwards out of the house I go.
Gave hubby a sloppy wet πŸ’‹before I left.
On the way to work, one car didn't stop at the roundabout junction and nearly hit me as I was coming round...
Not another bad day I hope!
Still puts on 2 winter hats with big big gloves.
I put my big boots on as there was light rain.
Put my lights on,
Now let the fun start 🍭
Lots of BOINGs given out,
Lots of emergency stops as well.
Plus it had stopped raining, and the sun came out!
At least I survived the morning \o/
I arrived at the newsagents.
The whole estate had no power.
I was lucky to have the exact money for my newspaper.
Fingers crossed when I got home, I had power,as I needed a coffee!
I opened the door, and saw the kitchen light on.
Coffee time here we go!
Coffee machine put on.
Fired up the computer.
I wrote yesterday's blog.
Then it was onto making another batch of soup.
Turkey,Leek, Mushroom & Carrot went into the Soup Maker...
While it was on.
I finished off the last batch!
I wrote out a nice list of top up shopping I am doing tomorrow.
The sun was out and it was quite warm.
Time to strip some layers off!
The big big sunglasses goes on!
That that warm for the bikini yet!
At the same roundabout, like earlier on, one car had to emergency brake at the junction of the roundabout. He felt my stare as I went past him. He tried to sit on my arse up until the next roundabout, as I went another car came round and he had to wait.
One hat went on, with the lightweight gloves.
First I got chatting with one of my ex-customers who I delivered their mail. Next was the friend who has just had his hand done. We got chatting about how he was recovering from that. His hand that was done first, was still sore, and he just had his stitches out this morning. 
My other friend who I chat to arrived on the scene. I said goodbye to friend with dog, and the other friend and I walked up to my lights to put them on.
We walked back and rabbited with my third friend too. 
Then it was time to start again.
Low lying sun didn't help matters. 
One woman in a white van, just done the limbo and went straight under my big stick which was out in front of me!
The Land Rover which went around my arm last Monday afternoon, actually stopped and waited for me to go back on to the pavement, before driving off!!!!!
At least I finished in one piece.
Time for a much needed brew!
Tea went into the oven.
I ordered a box file, as I needed to keep all my paper together for this Crystal/Tarot course I am doing.
Hubby came home and had a sloppy wet one!
Tea is served.
Veggie option with salad.
Then to catch up with 2 more episodes of the second season of "Fame."
Then into reading today's newspaper before the second episode of the Krays start.
Isaac Donald "Don" Everly was part of The Everly Brothers were an American country rock duo, known for steel-string acoustic guitar playing and close harmony singing.
He would have been 85 years old 🎈
He sadly died aged 84 in 2021.
UK No 1 this week in 1957:
Guy Mitchell - Singing The Blues↓
UK No 1 this week in 1967:
The Monkees - I'm A Believer↓
UK No 1 this week in 1975:
Pilot - January↓
UK No 1 this week in 1977:
David Soul - Don't Give Up On Us↓
UK No 1 this week in 1999
The Offspring - Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)↓
UK No 1 this week in 2015:
Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars↓
We watched the second episode about the Krays.
Sleep Tea Time.
Then off to that warm bed once the heating goes off....
Hopefully Hump Day πŸͺis going to be even warmer tomorrow πŸ‘™ 







Saturday, 21 August 2021

I Would Look Good In That!

 If you look like your passport photo, you're too ill to travel - Will Kommen
Welcome to my Saturday πŸš—
I woke up early,
Left sleeping beauty to snore..
Nice cup of tea.
I wrote yesterday's blog post.
Sleeping Beauty rose, and we enjoyed breakfast together.
We got up son ready to drop him off at work.
When we got ready,
Now to leave the house.
Dropped off James,
Chatted with Tracy while hubby went to check on his tyres.
Still raining when he came back to pick me up.
We got a hot sandwich on the way back home.
With a strong coffee.
Packed the overnight bag.
Tickets for car show, and car park ticket all ready.
Hubby picked up son from his job.
Light lunch.
Bag put in car.
Then off we go...
Rain,rain,rain all the way to the services.
Good job we brought our rain coats!
We goes back to the car.
Nice car parked up!
While we were sitting in our car, the driver came back. He didn't look too well.
He was quite surprised that anyone was speaking to him, as at the last services no one spoke to him for 2 hours!
(He doesn't know me then for talking!)
Someone in a 70 reg Jaguar car opposite, stood by his car in shades, trying to get noticed.
Everyone was looking at the Mclaren instead.
The Mclaren driver was going to Manchester for his friend's memorial.
As soon as I said have a safe journey, the sun came out!
Then off we went on our journey!
We finally gets to our B&B!
No one to meet us.
We got out key out of the keysafe by the front door.
The bedroom door was already open when we got there.
The defuser needed filling up!
The view from our bedroom window!
There was no parking in front of the B&B.
So our car was further down the road!
We were going downstairs to have something to eat, when our bedroom door wouldn't lock!
A woman coming out of one of the bedrooms, phoned the owners, (who were a hour away) about it.
"Only replaced the lock 2 months ago," the woman said.
"Great, unlocked door while we sleep, I will be sleeping with one eye open,"I replied.
"You can swap with me if your like, I haven't got a ensuite like you, I have to use the shared bathroom with everyone."
I thought about for a few seconds...
"It's alright, we will stay in our room, thanks," I replied.
Going downstairs to eat in the kitchen, we opened the door to patio, and sat outside.
We goes upstairs afterwards.
We get ready for bed.
Look what I found in the wardrobe!
Tried to close the blinds...
I made sure no one was coming into our room during the night...
 No need for the key tonight↓↓
Sleep tea time
Quick look into today's newspaper.
Isaac Donald "Don" Everly one half of The Everly Brothers, died on this day in 2021 aged 84.
Now to turn off the light....