Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday 21 August 2021

I Would Look Good In That!

 If you look like your passport photo, you're too ill to travel - Will Kommen
Welcome to my Saturday 🚗
I woke up early,
Left sleeping beauty to snore..
Nice cup of tea.
I wrote yesterday's blog post.
Sleeping Beauty rose, and we enjoyed breakfast together.
We got up son ready to drop him off at work.
When we got ready,
Now to leave the house.
Dropped off James,
Chatted with Tracy while hubby went to check on his tyres.
Still raining when he came back to pick me up.
We got a hot sandwich on the way back home.
With a strong coffee.
Packed the overnight bag.
Tickets for car show, and car park ticket all ready.
Hubby picked up son from his job.
Light lunch.
Bag put in car.
Then off we go...
Rain,rain,rain all the way to the services.
Good job we brought our rain coats!
We goes back to the car.
Nice car parked up!
While we were sitting in our car, the driver came back. He didn't look too well.
He was quite surprised that anyone was speaking to him, as at the last services no one spoke to him for 2 hours!
(He doesn't know me then for talking!)
Someone in a 70 reg Jaguar car opposite, stood by his car in shades, trying to get noticed.
Everyone was looking at the Mclaren instead.
The Mclaren driver was going to Manchester for his friend's memorial.
As soon as I said have a safe journey, the sun came out!
Then off we went on our journey!
We finally gets to our B&B!
No one to meet us.
We got out key out of the keysafe by the front door.
The bedroom door was already open when we got there.
The defuser needed filling up!
The view from our bedroom window!
There was no parking in front of the B&B.
So our car was further down the road!
We were going downstairs to have something to eat, when our bedroom door wouldn't lock!
A woman coming out of one of the bedrooms, phoned the owners, (who were a hour away) about it.
"Only replaced the lock 2 months ago," the woman said.
"Great, unlocked door while we sleep, I will be sleeping with one eye open,"I replied.
"You can swap with me if your like, I haven't got a ensuite like you, I have to use the shared bathroom with everyone."
I thought about for a few seconds...
"It's alright, we will stay in our room, thanks," I replied.
Going downstairs to eat in the kitchen, we opened the door to patio, and sat outside.
We goes upstairs afterwards.
We get ready for bed.
Look what I found in the wardrobe!
Tried to close the blinds...
I made sure no one was coming into our room during the night...
 No need for the key tonight↓↓
Sleep tea time
Quick look into today's newspaper.
Isaac Donald "Don" Everly one half of The Everly Brothers, died on this day in 2021 aged 84.
Now to turn off the light....


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