Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday, 14 August 2021

Eye To Eye (Contact)

If an object is old and you are trying to sell it, it's obsolete: if you're trying to buy it, it's a collector's item - Frank Ross
Welcome to my Saturday Fun 👅
Brew with hug.
We listened to the last hour of Sounds of the 60s
Got one son up to drop him off at work.
Out the door we go.
Dropped off son at his job.
We then parked in Car Park 4.
Nice view...
At least my feet is getting some fresh air!
Before my hubby's eye test.
Costa time!
Afterwards, I waited in the shop for hubby..
The result is he has have two new pairs of glasses.
He is not quite like me,
Mr Magoo
We had a look around town.
Back home.
Coffee time
Now for a little ride out...
I fell asleep on the way...
Now to get some bargains....
Lots of charity shops to explore...
Pity I have no room for it!
My son said,"There is no room in the car for it!"
I replied,"I have room for it the house for it!"
The trolley was full,hubby had to go back to car to empty it.
One last charity shop to look in.
Lots of bargains out of there :)
We got our belated lunch out of Asda.
Now back home we go....
Now to unpack all my lovely bargains...
This will make a nice present for someone ;)
I put the things in the bathroom.
Now to chop up some leaks, onions, peppers for tea.
Once the cheese sauce was poured over the leaks, in the oven they went.
Then to carry on watching...
Tea is ready.
Leaks wrapped in ham, with tomatos,peppers, onion, in cheese sauce.
Back to some bingewatchng.... 
Quick look in today's newspaper.
Sarah Brightman  is a British classical crossover soprano, singer, songwriter, actress, dancer and musician. 
She is 61 years old 🎈 
With sleep tea.
Hubby fell asleep during the final episode.
Woke him to come to bed.
Woo hoo it's Sunday tomorrow 🎈




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