Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday, 5 August 2021


Marriage is forever. It's like cement - Peter O'Toole
Welcome to my Thursday in Blackpool ☂
Is it going to be sunny today?
Got dressed.
Now downstairs for breakfast...
So yummy!
Now to switch rooms.
We packed the rain coats...
I waited for kids to come out of their room.
A pink tram went past!
We get a tram down to Starr Gate.
There was a big queue at the bus stop.
We got the top desk of the bus.
This is the view
Gets off the bus.
Now to have a look around.
Now to see Les...
Now to have a much needed coffee and nibbles.
Now to walk it off...
We get the bus back to Starr Gate.
As soon as we get off the bus,
The rain starts!
Now to get the tram to The Tower.
Now to look around Blackpool...

Now to get the tram back to the B&B.
Cup of tea needed!
Our evening meal.
Then we are going to travel up and down on the trams at night!

A woman got off the tram with a see-through bag. I looked a bit closer and noticed a 9 inch vibrator in there!
Back to the B&B for a hot chocolate.
Quick read of the newspaper...
Now to bring the bed to life!


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