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Friday 17 February 2023

Get Down Tonight!

If anything can go wrong, it will - Murphy's Law
Welcome to my Friday Feeling 🎈
Up early to do the Heardles:
Heardle 60s:
My answers:
Breakfast and Brew time.
On goes the thermal vest.
It is going to warm up later, so I may be taking it off!
Now to leave the house.
I gives hubby a sloppy wet one 💋
I had to go around the long way due to traffic lights.
On goes my winter coat, winter hats and winter gloves.
Puts on my first set of lights, then the newspaper.
Swaps the newspaper for my big stick.
Now to turn on my second set of lights.
Now let's go to work....
It might be a bit quiet as 1 of the 4 schools is closed due to them having a TE day.
Still had to give out a few BOINGs.
Saw a  relation of mine who waved at me when he went past. 
Finished in one piece.
Now for coffee....
They didn't have any Whole Milk,
(I should have nipped into Lidl to get some)
Had a good yak with my friend.
I saw a ex-Postman, waved at him, and he had a blank look on his face. I was going to say hi to him but he just blanked me as he walked past me!
After the second cup of coffee, it was time to go.
Wished her a good weekend.
Liquid lunch.
Now out to do the final shift of the week.
I went a different way to work and a bit quicker.
Gets my summer cap on, winter coat and no gloves.
Go and turn on my lights.
A bus has broke down opposite my spot.
(Hopefully it will have be towed by when I start)
Low lying sun time.
One set turned on.
Now to walk down the road to turn on the other set of lights.
Turns on my other lights.
Meet up with one friend with her daughter.
Bus is being towed away.
Sit in the park with my two friends.
One friend has to go and pick up her other daughter.
The remaining friend and me go and talk in the square before I start my final shift of the week.
I wish him a good weekend and now to start.
It was a bit quiet at first, then I started to get busy crossing a lot of people over.
Still had to give a few BOINGs out for not stopping!
Finished in one piece.
Home Time.
Cup of tea time...
No cooking for me tonight \o/
Quick look into the newspaper.
UK No.1 on this day in 1956:
Dean Martin - Memories Are Made Of This.
UK No.1 on this day in 1966:





Tuesday 14 June 2022

Time For The Ice Ice Lolly!

 Never do anything in bed that you can't pronounce - Mitch Murray
Welcome to my Tuesday 🌞
The sun shining out there.....
Now to do today's Heardles:
60s Heardle was:
The son is trying...
Now for breakfast with brew.
Then out into the sunshine I go...
I gives hubby a sloppy wet one 😘
I go and buy next door's magazine and newspaper.
Then on goes my summer coat
Big Big Sunglasses.
I go and turn on my lights.
Time to Rock 'n' Roll.
It is getting warm!
6 BOINGs handed out.
2 cars had to do the emergency stops as well.
At least the sun is out!
Survived the morning shift.
Moves Sexy Beast. 
Goes and fetches my Magic Bags.
I was going to stop for a coffee.
However there was just a table of women cackling and I didn't feel like stopping on a table on my own.
Got the Magic Bags and dropped them in the car.
Nipped into Co-op for some bits for tonight's tea.
Back home.
 Puts on the coffee machine.
The other magic bag has the same as the first one.
Watered the plants.
Now time for a much needed coffee!
Hung up washing on the line.
Wrote one blog post up to lunch.
Liquid lunch time.
Back out for part two.
Slips on my Summer coat.
I turn on my lights.
Walks to the shop to get a ice lolly.
Back to Sexy Beast to pick up my big lollipop stick.
Then to wait in the square for my friends.
One friend comes.
The other friend is having new carpet fitted so she will be moving things out of the room.
My friend was saying how warm it is, he is starting to sweat.
"If you bottle it, you would make a fortune!"
He laughed.
It's getting warm!
Thanked my friend for coming.
Now to get on with the job in hand.
Rather worrying the car drivers are still driving though and not stopping for my big stick.
If my big stick would extend out a bit further.....
More BOINGs could be given!
I was glad to finish as I was getting well warm!
Back home..
Time to sit outside with a ice cold lolly!
I write another blog post after I have cooled down.
Hubby comes back and has a sloppy wet one.💋
Tea is ready.
Looks in today's newspaper.
USA No.1 on this day in 1958:
Sheb Wooley - The Purple People Eater
USA No.1 on this day in 1986:
Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald - On My Own
Back outside to cool down...
I writes out two Birthday Cards.
Sleep Tea time.
I might have a sweaty hump tomorrow 🐫