Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday 4 December 2017

Filling Up The Little Green Bag...

Back on to the Monday Feeling.
Once the house was emptied.
I went back to bed
(I was a member of the wide awake club again last night!)
Once I caught up with my sleep.
I was all ready to do things...
Remove dead flowers from Living Room.
It was a bit of assault course,
Lots of grabbing onto and holding onto things, and plenty of hopping.
Now for a little bit of dinner..🍽
 Got another Xmas card in the post.↓
 Sitting on my bed for a long time,
Causes my arse to go numb.
So after I hopped and grabbed on things.
I got to my computer chair.
Now to enjoy a little bit of Waitrose Experience,
With a blast of tunes from 10cc.
I was treated to coffee and a mince pie when my kids came home from school...
I am going to make some smaller pom pom wreaths.
Just ideal, as I had some more wool delivered...
Put all together in my little green bag...
Going to break open a good boxset tonight...
With of course my ever dependable foot up!


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