Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday 10 December 2017

What To Do With It All??

The white stuff was still falling 🌨
 Hubby took our kids off to do some food shopping...
 Up the road they go

 The car park empty

 I was keeping warm,
With crumpets..
 Hubby picked up my Dunelm order,
Brought me something to look at...↓↓
 One snowman ⛄
 The other one was hiding behind the roses
I had my Fetch order for my pets.
Only to find the cage cleaner had leaked in the bag and ruined all the treats :(
I had a refund, and bought some more off Amazon instead. 
It was still snowing last night.
Nearly 7 inches of snow..
The school are shut tomorrow
Hubby going to have some fun trying to get up the road tomorrow.
  Snow Plough anyone?

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