Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday 8 December 2017

Looking At But Can't Play With It!

Welcome back Friday,
You have been missed!
When we woke up,
There was a light dusting of snow.
By 7.30am, the snow was coming down.
Hubby and kids left.
 Now to enjoy this Friday Feeling
With a nice nibble..
Half an hour later,
One son comes back,
His school is closed.
Then a kind parent drops off the other son as they have closed his school.
The 60's music gets put on...
There are blue skies and the sun coming out now. :)
Had hot Beef Broth to keep the cold out.
The temperatures soon dropped again..
Coffee and mince pie time!
Made more pom poms.
Finally finished season 2 of
Now onto season 3
 Finally finished the pom pom wreath!
Now to give my hubby some more Friday Feeling... 


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