Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday 2 December 2017

Make It So...

I had a bit of lie-in.
We had a late night catching up with the third season of Star Trek - The Next Generation.
 Had some lovely items come in the post.
 Going to smell nice with these...
 I had a Get Well card from Job 2.↑
Lovely Xmas card from a great friend.↑↑↑
(I am making my cards tomorrow)
While hubby went food shopping,
I carried on with making pom pom making.
 After a short break,↑
I sat in a comfortable chair,
With foot up.
 So many pom poms..
 At last the I made the final pom pom.
The pom pom wreath is finally finished!
 Using my warm fingers again tomorrow! 


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