Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday 12 December 2017

At Least The Coffee Got Through!

Welcome to a cold Tuesday.
Both children were off school again.
It was nice to have company 😁
One son took a photo from upstairs..
 It was minus 8c while my hubby was scraping his car.
He finally got the car to move up the road after three attempts...
At least I had my delivery of ↓↓
Got some nice coffee...↓
 To keep out the cold...
 Chicken soup!
I put my mix of good songs I put together on Amazon Music 🎢🎡♫ 
Plenty of singing along...
I had a delivery of...
As this πŸŽ„ it's going to be Xmas dinner on laps, as we can't all fit in the Dining Room.
After I tidied the kitchen with the use of one good arm.
(Still having pain in my left arm)
Time for nibbles...↓↓
It's starting to rain 🌧
So will the kids need a boat to get to school tomorrow?
Now to move onto season 4


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