Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday 10 May 2018

Having To Find A Name!

Welcome to my Thursday...
I dropped another sick note into Job 3.
Showed off the patch work quilt scar on the back of my left foot...😄
The sun was out again..
Those big big sunglasses has to come again 
I had a early lunch.
Then for a walk over to my dad's in the sunshine.
(exercising the achillis tendon)
 My dad hasn't got a Henry.
He has got Dave the Dyson
I had to play with him instead
After hoovering the hall, living room, and dining room.I put Dave back.
My dad pointed to the stairs and said:
"The stairs need hoovering...."
I replied  by saying:
"Is that why the last slave is 6 foot under?"
 I had a chat with his neighbour while I soaked up the sun's rays in the back garden.
Cleaned the kitchen,
Polished in the hall, living room and dining room.
After that I had a much needed coffee.
My dad "gave" me my late mum's big "Kenwood" food mixer as he was worried my younger brother would have it and sell it!
The sun was still shining when I got home.
 Added more Pink to my kitchen↓↓↓
(My late mum would be happy)
 Now to find room for my bigger Kenwood and to name it!

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