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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Hot & Sweaty Hump

Welcome to my Hot & Sweaty Hump of the Week...
 Nice cup of tea to wake up with.
Kissed all the males of the family before they all went off to school and work...💋💋💋
I did head or tails with Kenny & Kane.
Kane won!
Now to make 6 sponges
 With the heat from the sun and the heat from the oven...
I was getting sweaty!!!
 Lunch ↑↑
Went down to Morrisons for more supplies!
Singing along in the heat...
 More using of lemons↓
 In the end I made 9 sponges.
My son to be 13 says,
"Don't go too much trouble mum for my cake!"
"Too late!" I replied.....
I had to sit outside in the front garden to sit down to cool down!
 I was tempted to have a water fight....
However didn't fancy showing off ANY white bits due to my T-shirt getting wet!

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Having To Find A Name!

Welcome to my Thursday...
I dropped another sick note into Job 3.
Showed off the patch work quilt scar on the back of my left foot...😄
The sun was out again..
Those big big sunglasses has to come again 
I had a early lunch.
Then for a walk over to my dad's in the sunshine.
(exercising the achillis tendon)
 My dad hasn't got a Henry.
He has got Dave the Dyson
I had to play with him instead
After hoovering the hall, living room, and dining room.I put Dave back.
My dad pointed to the stairs and said:
"The stairs need hoovering...."
I replied  by saying:
"Is that why the last slave is 6 foot under?"
 I had a chat with his neighbour while I soaked up the sun's rays in the back garden.
Cleaned the kitchen,
Polished in the hall, living room and dining room.
After that I had a much needed coffee.
My dad "gave" me my late mum's big "Kenwood" food mixer as he was worried my younger brother would have it and sell it!
The sun was still shining when I got home.
 Added more Pink to my kitchen↓↓↓
(My late mum would be happy)
 Now to find room for my bigger Kenwood and to name it!

Monday, 26 February 2018

The Things We Do For Love!

Welcome to this Freezing Monday.
I made sure hats & gloves were worn before the males of the family left the house.
I had a sneaky coffee and nibble
to start the morning off...
 Got all the items ready to do some baking...
I really hope that nice coffee is in one of these boxes that was delivered...↓↓
 Time to put Kenny to some work...
 Once ready, in the oven it went!
 It's ready \o/
 Seville Orange Drizzle Cake
More coffee needed....
 I enjoyed a Monday Meat free meal..
Better dig out those thermal knickers for Wednesday, as got to see the Consultant about my achillis tendon recovery...
Now to try and get this Wowcher voucher to work.... 


Friday, 30 December 2016

Breaking It In...

I had a good bout of the Friday Feeling...
Nice new trolley to break in...
The fog was rolling in...
Had a look around Webbs & Lakeland
Woo hoo Kenny↑ is here....
Pity it was sold,↑
Would have been a great sex toy!
Fog covered the church
Collected my orders 
Nipped into Sainsburys...
I was happily joining in on backing vocals & getting to do some moves to a particular song I like...
(the video is at the end)
Being stalked..↑..
This fog is following me...🌁👀
At least my new wire egg basket is now filled!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Whip A Lime Into Shape!

I had itchy baking fingers...
Out comes the Baking book
Plus my friend Kenny the Kenwood came out too.
 I put the 5 limes I bought yesterday to some use!
Key Lime Pie for later!