Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday 29 May 2018

Falling Into You

Welcome to a sunny Tuesday from Blackpool.
We got up, had breakfast.
Another fun day to have...
We waited for the tram at Uncle Tom's Cabin..
 We got off at Clevesleys...
Off to the beach..
 Our kids enjoyed the sea.
 It was getting really warm.
Alas there was no shade...
We went for drinks to cool down.
As the temperatures were going up, we decided to go and sit under the South Pier in Blackpool.
We caught the tram...
I was just about the sit down,when the tram lunged forward, and I needly ended up into frontal of a woman sitting opposite.
Her expression on her face ranged from horror to relief when I managed to sit down in time!
It was about 30c on the tram, the conductor was drinking water to cool down.
The woman's husband had just put on his black jumper as he was feeling the cold!!
When the Tram stopped at South Shore stop.
I didn't see the step when I got off my seat, and nearly fell into the woman's lap sitting on the left of me....
I said,"Sorry about that love, I can't even blame the alcohol, as I don't drink!"
I could even hear the song "Falling Into You!"
 The view from the South Shore Pier.
  Our kids were hard at work on the beach digging for England..
This is what our youngest son made..↓
 My oldest son did on the beach..↓↓
 Hubby made a heart for us↓
 We left the beach at 7pm
We caught the tram back
Pot Noodle time...↓
 Sunset time...
The ex-plum decided to stamp his foot, swear and demand to speak to his kids...via text message
Just to add insult to injury, he paid just a £1 child mainterance......
£1 in four months... 
Now to use that lovely bath for two...
and Four Poster Bed...


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