Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday 7 May 2018

Using My Green Fingers Once More....

Bank Holiday Monday
Another day of sunshine....↓
 The garden is looking nice
 A little early to get up on a Bank Holiday..
 Nibble time↑
Later on when everyone got up.
Time for a little ride ....
 Webbs Experience
 I used up 4 free coffee tokens 
Saved £14 in the process...
I said hello to some of the staff.
Then bumped into the Ladies club who I used to see every Monday when I went for coffee.
I had a good catch up.
(Before I had my accident) 
Then I looked around the plants..
 Pets corner
I saved 20% on my 2 clematises.
We walked around the gardens
 Once we left Webbs,
we visited Homebase.
Got some reduced flowers..
50p for a box of 24.
Got back home to pot them all.
 After all that gardening,
Chicken Stir Fry Time!
 Goodbye sunshine...
See you tomorrow...
More factor 50 to be rubbed in... 

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