Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday 15 May 2018

Exercising The Foot & Mouth...

Welcome to a sunny Tuesday...
The sun is out...
 Nice lemon tea with some added vitamin C↓
 Added those big big sunglasses...
 Now off to see a friend for coffee & chat.
 I arrived.
Had hugs..
I had a nice coffee with biscuits..:)
 I gave her some of the cakes I made yesterday..
 I had a nice cheese toastie for lunch.
After another coffee,
It was home time. 
I hugged my friend goodbye and now off for a walk back in the sunshine...
 Back home in one piece ↓↓
 Watered the plants in the garden.
Brought in the washing off the line.
Read a few magazines...
  Hubby collected the Evening meal
 Afterwards why hubby went food shopping..
I had a chill moment with Alexa
One song came on, I sung word for word...
Now I feel better after some singing...
(The song is my pop video of the day) 
Hoping tomorrow is going to be a dry hump....


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