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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Going To Make You Sweat!

Once again I was up early...
Nice cold shower to start Sunday
Nice to sit outside with coffee 
 After lunch we visited the lake.
 We visited the Green Fair.
My hubby was locked up...↓↓
 It was over 40c on the field
 Gets back home
 Watered my plants...
 Nice tea.
 Now to make my hubby sweat in the bedroom...

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Exercising The Foot & Mouth...

Welcome to a sunny Tuesday...
The sun is out...
 Nice lemon tea with some added vitamin C↓
 Added those big big sunglasses...
 Now off to see a friend for coffee & chat.
 I arrived.
Had hugs..
I had a nice coffee with biscuits..:)
 I gave her some of the cakes I made yesterday..
 I had a nice cheese toastie for lunch.
After another coffee,
It was home time. 
I hugged my friend goodbye and now off for a walk back in the sunshine...
 Back home in one piece ↓↓
 Watered the plants in the garden.
Brought in the washing off the line.
Read a few magazines...
  Hubby collected the Evening meal
 Afterwards why hubby went food shopping..
I had a chill moment with Alexa
One song came on, I sung word for word...
Now I feel better after some singing...
(The song is my pop video of the day) 
Hoping tomorrow is going to be a dry hump....