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Thursday, 31 October 2019

The Pumpkins Are Waiting...

Biologically speaking, if something bites you, it is more likely to be female - Desmond Morris
Welcome to my Halloween.
It just happens to be the second anniversary of my accident...
In the morning in 2017,I was enjoying coffee...
In the afternoon I was having my first ride in an ambulance to my local hospital...
My achilles tendon snapped off the bone.The heel bone was pushed 4 inches into my foot!
In hospital for 2 weeks, major operation, Ward 17 couldn't do enough for me. 
 I had to learn to walk again. 8 months off work. I had a lovely hubby, lovely friends,Alexa, Netflix, and boxsets. So I wouldn't go mad stuck in one room for 5 months!!!
2 years from that, I have a lovely scar to remind of it!
Anyway back today..
I had a lovely snuggle and a cup of tea in bed↓
 I gave hubby a wet one 💋 before he left the house.
I had a much needed coffee before I got dressed↓
 Once I got dressed,
It was time to a little ride in Sexy Beast
 Not that warm↓
I drop off younger son to do his newpaper round.
I visited my lollipop patch I am doing next week↓
 I chatted with two ex-customers for well over hour and half.
(When I talk, I talk)
I said goodbye to both and nipped into the Co-op↓
 I needed that↓
I pick up my younger son from his paper round and get home.
 Still not that warm↓
Bob Siebenberg, American,  drummer (Supertramp) is 70 years old🎈
 Larry Mullen Jr, Irish rock drummer (U2) is 58 years old 🎈
Hubby comes home early from work.
And helps putting up my Bird Feeding Station in the garden↓
 While I go to the Happy Place Of Work.
The Pumpkins are done for tonight↓
 The Pumpkins are lit up↓
 Tea Time↓
 Then off to work to do my singing↓
 It was nice to see the pumpkins when I got back↓
 Read my new magazine that came today↓
It was nice to slip into a warm bed,
Ready for the Friday Feeling to arrive🎈 


Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Twelve Months Ago....

Welcome to my Hump of the Week 🐫
It's the first anniversary of my accident.
In the morning I was enjoying coffee..↓
By the afternoon I was in a hospital bed, with no achilles tendon attached to the bone, and ankle bone chipped↓
 Twelve months on, 
I am back at work, driving,and can share a bed with a warm hubby....:)
Back to 2018....
 Breakfast in bed↑
 Getting out of the house
 Off to visit the Salvation Charity Shop↑↑
 Someone is glad to see me↑
 It's getting warmer.
 I popped in to see my dad.
Back home with our bargains↓
 Is a storm coming???
We watched The Apprentice..
 Then I mounted the stairs....
To celebrate Hump of the week.🐪 


Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Put The Left Foot Forward....

Welcome to my Hump of the Week.
I had a nice cuppa to start the Hump.
 Followed by nibbles...
 The rain stopped at last.
I went outside for some fresh air!
 The lake is back again..↑↑
 Blue skies....
Dug out a book to read while I waited for my friend to come for coffee & chat.
 We had a good chat with coffee and 🍩🍩🍩
Left 2 🍩🍩 for my kids
I thanked my friend for coming round.
Quick lunch↓↓
My poor left foot has been through the mill in the last six months.
Six months yesterday.
I had my accident:↓
  The achilles tendon needed to be reattached to the bone.
10 days in Hospital.
6 weeks in cast↓↓↓
 Then in the space boot....↓
 Slowly walking....
Next to get behind the Sexy Beast,
Then back to work!!
Now to open the bottle...
 to be added to the Evening Meal..
Chicken,Shallots,Mushroom,Lemongrass, with White wine sauce.
Off outside to get some fresh air..
Bye bye sunshine, 
See you tomorrow with the 👙