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Monday, 29 October 2018

Hold Tight It's Monday!

Welcome to a cold Monday.
*It is a very special day*
I got engaged to my future hubby on this day in 2010 🎈🎈🎈🎈 
And the rest is history ;)
I enjoyed a cup of tea in bed↓↓
 Gave hubby a big 💋
Then he went to work.
I did some tidying up downstairs.
 Coffee and Vitamin C time↑↑
As we are on Half-Term Holidays.
Now to drag my kids out of the house↓↓
 We popped down to Morrisons.
There was a good car parked by me.
 Popped into see my dad.
The sun might be out, but's still cold!
 Must remember to the clock back on Sexy Beast...
Back for some lunch
 We caught up on some 
 I did my 2 jobs.
My youngest son was watching some great TV programmes on ITV3.
Such as the following:
 Hubby came back his snooker match with a headache.He had won his match.
We were all in bed by 10pm....
All ready for Tuesday ;)