Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Shhh, Battery Charging..

Welcome to another Hump of the Week.
I spent over 4 hours, yakking with friends, drinking coffee, and playing with their two dogs.
Mouth battery is at a all time low
 Goes to Job 2.
I get asked:
"Why have I been very quiet for the past 2 days?"
I reply: "I am saving your ears, and leaving it all for my hubby when he get home from work."
Still trying to charge mouth battery.
Then I get offered cake.
I decline due to giving it up for Lent.
Then I told him there is one thing I won't be giving up for Lent...
"What that?"  he asks...
 The Ann Summers variety.
All different flavours, can't go without  Lube for too long......"
He answered with:
Will it be handcuffs or gag tonight?

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