Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Being Shown The Right Finger!

After visiting Asda for some supplies.
I made full use of the Mocha glasses I had for Xmas.....
I made a homemade Steak & Kidney pie for our Evening meal.
So the bird had to come out to tweet....
While doing my afternoon shift of Job 1
I stopped a boy from running in the road.
I crossed him over the road safety.
His mum went past and gave me the thumbs up!
(His mum happens to be the same mother who 2 years ago:
"Called me a racist"
(after I told her not to park on the zig zags)
"I was crap at my job!!!!")
It was a nice change to be shown the thumb,
As, I normally get the V sign or the finger!

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