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Sunday, 1 September 2019

Going Back To It...

I have a large seashell collection, which I keep scattered on beaches all over the world. Maybe you've seen it? - Steven Wright
It is our last day of our holiday!
I was up enjoying a cup of tea..
 We got dressed.
We had a lovely big breakfast.
Then it was time to load up the car for the journey home↓
 We said goodbye to Simon and Rhona
One last look at the Tower.
Quick drive down the front.
 Our first stop off the motorway
 Nice to have a Boost↓
 After another stop,
We got home \o/
 Once we dumped the bags.
We went out in the Sexy Beast.
Off to Homebase↓
 Then to Aldi↓
 Gets back home.
Light lunch.
Then off to work in the sunshine↓
With some good music↓
  I comes back to put all my clothes away.
Piles of clothes to be washed!
Nice easy tea.
Back on the small wobbly work wheel tomorrow 🎡 

Thursday, 23 November 2017

My Hero Using His Warm Hands!

I had a chance to rest the voice battery.
Joined the quiet club today.
It was time for 1970's music...
Reached for those big crochet hooks..
We had a little romantic encounter
 over the kitchen sink💓💗💖💟
Me on one foot.
While hubby washed my hair.
Then Enrique Iglesias was singing "Hero" was playing on the radio......
Later on, I had some serious bad pains in my left leg....
Phones 111.
Had to go down to A&E at 1am in the morning...
Getting out of the house in the dark and cold was an experience...
Finally made it...
Now to sit and wait..↓
 We waited about 3 and half hours
 Saw the doctor for five minutes....
"Keep taking the painkillers....." I was told.
That was that ;/
back home for 5am.
Now for some much needed sleep zzzz

Friday, 10 November 2017

Pieces Of 8, Then Hop x 3

I was having loads of Friday Feeling as I might be going home today...
Just had to wait to move onto a ward...
Leaving my B3 side room which I have spent 10 days in....
But first breakfast..↓
 Enjoyed the view from my bed...↓
Time for a fish and chips lunch↓
 I was finally moved to the ward.
 I had a new plaster cast added to my leg.
Then had a X-ray on my foot to see how the surgery went.
A light tea↓
 Got dressed ready to go home..↓
When we did get home.
How am I going to get to my bed in the living room with two front door steps, and a plaster cast on my left leg???
After an hour of messing about
I finally made it to my bed at last!
There was a nice card to come home too :)
 Now have to hop like a pirate,
For the part a parrot is needed
And for me to say "Pieces of 8 a lot!"


Sunday, 6 September 2015

Road To Hell

Sunday morning in Blackpool.
Wakes up in lovely four poster bed and a warmer hubby.
Had some drunken revellers during the night shouting down the road at 2am!
Had a lovely breakfast,
Packed car,
Now for the journey home.
Had several stops for coffee.
It was so tiring watching my hubby drive.
So many bad drivers on the motorway (M6)
Gets home to get the kids uniform ready for school for tomorrow
Blow the dust off my lolly pop for my work tomorrow.
The work wheel is being greased, as if I don't, it might wobble far too much ;P